Keep burnout at bay

by 08 Feb 2010

Employers have been advised to urge work ers not to work while on holidays to avoid burnout for the new year.

The call comes after a study by Robert Half revealed that three in four people (76 per cent) worked during their summer holiday. A total 76 per cent of senior office workers made business errands at least a few times a week while on holidays and a further 33 per cent engaged in business activities at least once a day when away from the office.

“Business productivity relies on a healthy workforce,” said Andrew Brushfield, director of Robert Half. “That so many people were focused on business concerns in their time off raises concerns for people’s wellbeing.”

The high numbers of people working dur ing their time off has been attributed to in creased pressure during the downturn and expectations to overperform.

“Ultimately it is businesses that will pay for this, in terms of lost productivity due to staff burnout or, indeed, turnover as the econ omy continues to rebound,” he said.


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