Job seeker a real sign of the times

by 13 Aug 2009

Michael McCullah, a former managing director of a prestigious Japanese firm, never expected job hunting to be such a tough proposition.

After a string of rejections, the 32-year-old Ojai native was forced to take a more creative approach, the Ventura Country Star reports. Rather than giving up, or starting an internet blog, he went back to basics – creating enormous cardboard signs and posting them over freeway overpasses in Los Angeles.

The signs included slogans such as “Long Day? I Can Help You”; “Ninjas Stole My Job”; and “Hire Me. I’ll Fire Bob.”

Despite holding an MBA from Claremont Graduate University, and 10 years of management experience, McCullah has still had no luck in the job market. The signs included his contact email address, but so far, the only interviews McCullah has secured are with media outlets.

“I have only gotten positive e-mails. It’s always been ‘Good job, I’m looking for a job too,’ and a bunch from multilevel marketers but ... large companies haven’t contacted me at all,” he told the Ventura Country Star.


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