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by 08 Jul 2009

Brisbane home to best paid

The median salary packages for OH&S managers in Brisbane is significantly higher than that of Sydney and Melbourne, according to The Sydney median is just under $102K and in Melbourne is $109 K but in Brisbane the median recorded among the survey participants was $121,535.

“One has to deduce that the resources sector is well represented in Queensland and that there may be a correlation between riskier workplaces and the rate of reward offered to those given responsibility for managing them,” said David Owens, managing partner, HR Partners.

Bosses are being bullied

It’s not just bosses who do the bullying– a recent survey has revealed that one in four Australian bosses are being bullied by their employees.

Office gossip, withholding information, and intentionally missing deadlines are among the tactics cited in a recent survey by Griffith University.

The study into staff who target and harass their managers – a behaviour termed “upwards bullying” – found other common bullying tactics included spreading workplace rumours, skipping meetings, and ignoring the views and opinions of managers.


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