HR staff take pay cuts to change jobs

by 29 Jul 2009

HR professionals are more likely to expect a pay decrease than an increase if they changed job this year.

According to a recent HR market survey, 33 per cent of HR professionals said they ex pect a salary decrease if they changed jobs this year compared with only 11 per cent who would expect an increase.

“We are only really seeing a willingness to take a pay cut if the professional is changing specialisation – for example from recruitment to remuneration and benefits,” said Grahame Doyle, a director with Hays.

Paul Breslin, group manager with Frazer Jones, which conducted the survey said: “There are a lot of candidates on the market at the moment and employers have been able to offer conservative salaries.”

Other reasons for professionals being pre pared to take a pay cut have been cited as a willingness to change specialisation and ac ceptance of the limited opportunities available.

David Owens, managing director of HR Partners, said that while this trend had always been present in the market, its rise could be attributed to limited opportunities, or people wanting to take a role with a different focus or scale than they had before.

According to the survey, however, expec tations remain bullish in the HR profession when it comes to salaries, with 71 per cent expecting a pay increase in 2010.


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