HR managers among Australia’s 20 most difficult jobs to fill

by HCA31 Mar 2015

According to new research, Australian organisations are struggling to fill certain positions within their companies in spite of the nation’s rising unemployment figures.

The study, conducted by Indeed and the Centre for Economics and Business Research, found that 25% of vacancies remain unfilled for at least a month, while 10% are unfilled after three months.

It also revealed that the hospitality sector has the greatest difficulty with employee onboarding, with more than one in five positions remaining unfilled three months after advertising.

Researchers compiled a list of the hardest jobs to fill in Australia – over a third of which are IT roles.

Last month, the Australian Industry Group found that half of the nation’s organisations struggle to recruit people with the right science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) proficiencies.

The 20 most difficult jobs to fill in Australia

1. Actuaries

2. First-line supervisors/managers of non-retail sales workers

3. Sales representatives

4. Software quality assurance engineers and testers

5. Sales engineers

6. Sales and related workers

7. Management analysts

8. Computer software engineers

9. Network and computer systems administrators

10. Network systems and data communications analysts

11. Personal financial advisors

12. Travel agents

13. Accountants and auditors

14. Securities, commodities and financial services agents

15. Computer systems analysts

16. Training and development specialists

17. Sales managers

18. Payroll and timekeeping clerks

19. Human resources managers

20. Computer and information systems managers


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