HR manager hospitalised after attack

by Caitlin Nobes16 Apr 2014
A former Ceridian employee has been charged with attempted murder after allegedly stabbing four people just minutes after being fired.
Chuang Li, 47, was informed of his termination by two managers, and then asked to leave, Detective Dan Darnbrough told The Star.
Police said both managers — a woman and man — were stabbed “several times.”  It is not yet known whether either was Li’s supervisor. A third manager who heard the commotion was attacked as he came to investigate. The three victims were Ceridian’s Dayforce HR manager Rajsri De, vice president of research and development Jimmy Konandreas and implementation director Scott Berenthal.
The fourth victim is believed to have tried to stop Li as he left the office. Employees at Ceridian’s North York office subdued Li until police arrived, by which time Li had “calmed down,” according to Darnbrough. De remains in hospital in stable condition, while the other three victims have been released.
Li has been charged with three counts of attempted murder, four counts of aggravated assault, and four counts of assault with a weapon. 
“Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families,” said a statement from Ceridian CEO David Ossip and president Dave MacKay. “As you might imagine, this is a very difficult time. The entire Ceridian family is shocked and deeply saddened by this incident.”

Have you ever felt that your safety was threatened during a termination?


  • by Brian Grace 16/04/2014 12:52:29 PM

    No never but HR people must always be aware of the danger during termination procedures as well as disciplinary meetings.

  • by Anne-Marie Orrock 16/04/2014 4:29:07 PM

    The most aggravated a termination has got in my experience, is when the employee picked up the chair they were sitting in and threw it across the room. Luckily it hit the plaster wall and not the frosted glass walls. It surprised me, but I didn't feel I was going to be personally threatened. On another occasion I was in a regular team meeting with 3 other of my colleagues, when another female manager came bursting into the meeting room, in hot pursuit was a male staff member in an absolute rage. The female manager scrambled over the desk and cowered in the corner, in fear for her safety. You can imagine the look on the staff members face when he realised he had chased her into a room full of HR people. His full composure returned immediately.

  • by Adam P 17/04/2014 11:31:31 AM

    After a new employee young woman was given pay in lieu of notice, and she left very graciously, acknowledging that she wasn't happy in the role; her boy friend turned up fuming, and threw a fire extinguisher at the receptionist. Luckily it missed, being way too heavy to throw very far.

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