HR best paid in Switzerland, not the UK

by 04 Mar 2010

Australian HR professionals might want to consider Switzerland as an option when choosing overseas working destinations, because, according to pay data released by Mercer, it’s the European country in which HR professionals are paid the most.

Surprisingly, HR professionals in the UK are being paid less than many of their Euro pean counterparts, ranking 12th out of 16 Western European countries listed in Mercer’s latest global pay summary.

The average total remuneration for a UK head of HR was £114,000 ($197,000), in cluding an annual base salary of £95,300. However in Switzerland the HR heads are taking home an average of £172,000. In Bel gium they earned £131,300 and Portugal recorded the lowest annual pay, at £69,300.

Pay for lower-ranking HR staff in the UK was even further down the scale, with only two countries registering lower mid-point salaries in the benchmarking survey. The average salaries for an HR manager and HR administration clerk in the UK were £59,300 and £22,700 respectively

“You’d naturally expect there to be dif ferences in compensations between coun tries for similar roles,” said Milan Taylor, a principal at Mercer. “Drivers of these differ ences will include local country employment legislation and localised pay practice, as well as supply and demand of key talent.”


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