How to develop your HR career abroad

by Miklos Bolza26 Sep 2016
While there is no doubt that finding work overseas will do wonders for your career, figuring out where to move can be difficult especially in today’s volatile global market.
HC talked with Ciaran Foley, head of Frazer Jones Australia, about where the best spots were for local HR professionals seeking experience abroad.
“There are opportunities across most of the globe for Australian HR professionals. We have placed Australian HR professionals in Asia, Europe, the Middle East and North America,” he said.
Focusing on the UK, Foley noted that while the Brexit vote saw a slowdown in employment opportunities, this seems to have been short-lived. Today, the UK market seems to be relatively buoyant, he added.
In the US, the long running E-3 visa – which is solely available for Australian citizens in certain professions – means the American market is also ripe for those in the HR field.
“We would expect to see a number of HR and recruitment professionals take advantage of the E-3 Visa, and likewise US corporations may start to look at Australia as a pool of HR talent which they can quickly and easily tap into,” Foley said.
In general, HR roles in other regions tend to be bigger and broader than those offered locally. They also tend to have a more international flavour, he said, which makes them especially attractive to those seeking to develop their careers.
“It is not unusual for Australian HR professionals to head overseas and secure a role which they would find hard to secure locally,” he said.
“Coupled with the fact they get to experience living and working in a different culture, there are many positive reasons for Australians to progress their career globally.”
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