Hot topic: Office fitouts

by Cameron Edmond31 Jan 2014
This week’s story on the role office fitouts can play in staff morale and retention set of a spark among a few of our readers, commenting with their experiences and insights.

Reader Katie gave an enthusiastic nod to the idea of modern offices:
“Absolutely it affects staff! It gives employees a good idea of the level of care of the business - how innovative and invested it is. Our office is modern and sleek and it’s a pleasure to work in every day!”

This was followed up by another reader, Lyn, who acknowledged a totally open plan office can have its downsides:
“When we moved into a new office it was meant to be open plan and nothing left on desks. Bookcases and some barriers have had to go up for some who can’t work in open plan, and desks are certainly not showplaces! Lack of private meeting areas is the main problem.”

Andrew Broom echoed these sentiments:
“Office fitout needs to suit both introverted and extroverted staff - top of mind here is open plan vs individual offices as per the HC Online report last year. Always a balance of business requirements, space and cost and getting the best from employees.”

Thank you to all our commenters this week. Keep ‘em coming!


  • by HR 31/01/2014 1:25:21 PM

    Sleek and modern is fine if you have the $$. Open plan spaces mean lack of privacy for important calls regarding staff matters, lack of adequate storage, meeting rooms taken over by those taking confidential calls, everyone can hear each other, squeezing more people in - designers and mgmt need to rethink this and take more note regarding morale

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