FWA approves McDonald’s enterprise agreement

by 01 Jul 2010

An enterprise agreement covering 80,000 McDonald's employees has been approved by Fair Work Australia after it overturned an earlier ruling rejecting the deal.

The tribunal's full bench quashed a decision by commissioner Donna McKenna earlier in the year that found the deal failed the federal government's no-disadvantage test.

Australian Industry Group chief executive Heather Ridout said the decision will assist in ensuring that a practical and realistic approach is taken by Tribunal Members when considering applications to approve enterprise agreements, and should also improve consistency.

“Today’s decision by a Full Bench of Fair Work Australia to quash the decision of Commissioner McKenna and to approve the McDonald’s enterprise agreement, will be widely applauded by employers, unions and employees.” “In the FWA proceedings, Ai Group argued that the extremely onerous procedural and other requirements which Commissioner McKenna applied would be virtually impossible for most large, national employers to meet.


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