Free ‘Advice Centre’ for HR launched

by 05 Sep 2013

Employer Hero has launched 10,000 Answers, an online resource centre for HR and employers, providing information on employment management issues for free.

“It’s hard enough to run a business without worrying about whether or not you’re doing all the right things … the Australian employment landscape is one of the most complex systems in the world,” Ben Thompson, CEO of Employment Hero, said. 

“We wanted to take some of the pressure off and provide HR specialists and business employers with the information they need so they could concentrate on running their business,” he added.

Questions ranging from payroll, employment law, safety or any other facet of HR can be asked anonymously. They will then be forwarded on to a relevant employee of Employment Hero and answered for free, then posted onto the website for others to view.

Employment Hero stresses the information is not meant to replace legal advice.

Many of the questions posted on the website currently appear to circle around clarifying legal terminology, such as what constitutes as casual work, and what is legally considered an SME.

Other popular questions include “When buying an existing business, do I have to take on the existing staff?” and “What should I do if I accidently overpay one of my staff?”

The answers are often broad, meaning they can provide insight to those with similar – but not exactly the same – issues in their workplace. As such, the website does not replace formal consultancy, nor does it attempt to.

The website provides a good starting point and spring board for SME business owners and HR professionals, allowing them to contextualise and gain a foothold on the issues facing their organisation. For more senior HR professionals in larger companies, it may also provide a resource for gaining additional insights and different perspectives on situations they may not have considered before.

To visit the website and browse answered questions or ask your own, click here.


  • by SDM 5/09/2013 2:53:46 PM

    Danger alert! I think it sounds wonderful on the surface but from my experience, the devil is always in the detail. Even when I am dealing directly with Solicitors or Partners I am challenging advice becasue one piece of detail can affect the advice you get. If all they can provide is text book" advice or consolidate information from other sites such as the FWA site so you don;t have to searcg it, then fine I guess but I'd be curious to understand how useful it really is.

  • by Lester 5/09/2013 3:19:03 PM

    ...fancy alerting others to a 'danger' you've not yet properly assessed yourself. Try the service SDM, let your curiosity wander. Condemn it all you like, only after you've done that.

  • by eb 5/09/2013 3:23:21 PM

    I agree with SDM Australian employment legislation is so complex that you need to look at everything in its totality and context. The person asking a simple question may not have enough knowledge to cover all aspects of what they are asking. Always check with someone who deals with employment issues all the time rather than a simple online answer.

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