Finance and accounting managers face exodus

by 20 Apr 2010

HR and finance managers should be working hard to ensure their key workers are engaged, with many employees seemingly ready to ditch their jobs.

Robert Half’s Workplace Survey of 330 Australian finance, accounting and HR professionals has found that half of finance and accounting staff plan to quit their jobs, with 50% either already seeking a new job or thinking about taking the plunge.

The report also found that 90 per cent of employers did not introduce retention packages for key finance and accounting staff during the downturn, highlighting a key reason for the planned exodus.

Over two thirds (68 per cent) of respondents indicating they had experienced a decline in working conditions in the last 12 months, which saw them working longer hours and experiencing more stress.

Andrew Brushfield, director of Robert Half, said: “We are currently experiencing a major increase in the number of finance staff looking at their options. They’ve been sitting tight for some time, working harder and working longer but their efforts have been unrewarded and in many cases unnoticed.

“It is vital that employers of finance and accounting staff re-evaluate their current approach to staff retention, and begin implementing the necessary strategies to keep them engaged and passionate about their work.”


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