Far out Friday: Snoop Dogg under fire for 'creepy' workplace comments

by Nicola Middlemiss12 Jun 2015
Two female employees of Canadian broadcaster CBC are at the centre of a workplace sexism scandal after Snoop Dogg made a string of inappropriate comments on screen.

The 43-year-old music mogul was on-set in Truro, Nova Scotia, filming for the 10th season of Trailer Park Boys when reporter Elizabeth McMillan asked how the hospitality had been.

“The hospitality has been awesome, baby,” he replied. “I like your camera girl, too. She's thick. Damn."

Without a moment’s hesitation, he continues; “I wasn't even looking down. Now I'm forced to look down at the camera. Look at there, look at there. Look at the shit on that critter."

Off-screen, an eruption of male laughter is heard while reporter McMillan stammers to respond.

“Creepy and awkward”

Videographer Stephanie Clattenburg – the woman on the receiving end of Snoop Dogg’s comments – says she feels the rapper deliberately tried to humiliate her.

“There was a bit of a power-play there,” she said. “I think he wanted to embarrass me and he did – I turned beet red.”

Comments Clattenburg made after the incident draw attention to the behaviour many women are forced to tolerate in order to get their jobs done.

“What was I going to do? Put the camera down?” she asks.  “If I put the camera down every time someone said something misogynistic about a woman, I wouldn’t have a lot of footage.”

“There are sexism comments made to me – because I am in a more male-dominated role – pretty much every day that I work,” she continues.

Corporate connotations 

While Snoop Dogg is far from your average CEO, the exchange highlights how many women feel powerless standing up to a senior member of staff when sexism comments are made.

“My reporter and I are two women, two young women, physically smaller – he’s a celebrity, he’s physically taller, he’s a man,” said Clattenburg.


  • by Bernie Althofer 12/06/2015 11:18:27 AM

    There appears to be certain 'music' or lyrics that constantly ridicule, demean, belittle individuals in a way that seems to generate considerable returns on investment for those performers. In most workplaces, the content or language would be deemed to be unacceptable. However, as the article indicates, the camera operator indicated that 'it's come to be expected'. Unfortunately when society and workplaces tolerate such conduct and behaviour, it become accepted. Perhaps if people stopped making these people the centre of attention and stopped buying their 'music' they might realise that they need to treat people with respect and dignity, irrespective of gender.

  • by Maze 12/06/2015 12:06:49 PM

    Snoop is a Boss! This is the way he always talks and it is not that he doesn't respect woman that is just his persona i.e. laid back and relaxed. I don't think I have ever seen a snoop interview where he does not refer to woman as 'baby'.

    The camera woman says she felt 'belittled' by his comments. Normally when someone gets a shout out from a super celebrity they are flattered.

    I don't see this as a sexism scandal. In my opinion it is being blown out of all proportion.

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