Employees switching jobs to get pay hike

by 10 Aug 2010

Employees are job hopping in order to get a pay rise rather than negotiate their current salary, according to new research by financial recruitment firm, Robert Half.

The survey of 656 Australian finance and accounting staff found more than half (52 per cent) of employees believe it is necessary to switch jobs in order to gain greater bargaining power in salary negotiations.

The survey also found that almost one third (27 per cent) of employees never negotiate their salary and more than half (57 per cent), wait until their annual performance review to have this discussion.

Andrew Brushfield, director of Robert Half, said: “Career progression is more important than it was during the financial crisis, because it’s now more achievable.”

“Considering that many employees were put under greater pressure by their employers during the downturn, many still don’t trust that they will be adequately rewarded and no longer feel they need to remain loyal.”

“Many employers are now more open to negotiating salary and extra benefits. Employees need to realise they no longer need to job-hop to get to the top,” said Brushfield.


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