Employee jailed for swapping urine samples

by Stephanie Zillman29 May 2013

A former public servant has been jailed for 12 months following the discovery that she falsified urine samples for workers at mine sites in WA's north west.

Michelle Leanne Marsden, 41, was employed by Pathwest last year when she substituted the urine samples of three men. It was found by the court that her motive was to ensure they would get a job or maintain their employment.

The original samples provided by two of the men had in fact tested positive to amphetamines. Marsden also provided a clean urine sample for a friend so he could comply with a Family Court order.

The employee was formally charged after an investigation by the Corruption and Crime Commission. The investigation had included an undercover officer offering her $500 cash to swap a contaminated sample.

District Court Judge Andrew Stavrianou said the offences were serious because of the harm that could be caused by drug-affected people operating machinery in the mining industry.

Marsden pleaded guilty in the District Court in Perth to five charges of corruption and must serve six months before she can be released.


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