Effective communication vital in tough times

by 29 Apr 2009

Communicating effectively with employees during times of uncertainty is vital, according to Christine Deputy, Starbuck’s vice-president for partner resources, Asia Pacific and Greater China.

Keeping people informed also keeps them engaged, and she said every Starbucks employee receives communication from their leaders, including directly from the company’s CEO, to inform them of any relevant company news.

“Starbucks has always valued its partners as real people first, and ‘employees’ second. It is this relationship as well as our corporate values that create an environment that both attracts and retains partners, even after the company was forced to restructure its workforce in some regions due to economic downturn,” she said.

Speaking ahead of the Australasian Talent Conference in Sydney, she said that despite increasing economic pressures in 2009, the biggest challenges currently facing companies operating in the Asia Pacific region have not changed.

“The challenges facing companies today are the same as we have always had, and that is: finding and keeping the best talent. For companies to succeed, they will have to provide an employment proposition that consistently delivers growth and development to their people,” Deputy said.

“The ability for individuals to feel that they can grow and develop is crucial to the Asia Pacific employee pool. Creating a culture where employees feel valued and as though they have opportunities at their fingertips, means individuals are less likely to job hop when the employment market springs back.”


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