Don’t be dazzled by those with egos

by Stephanie Zillman21 May 2013

All too often the loudest voices demand the most attention – but new research from New Zealand shows that those people with excessive self-belief in their skills and ability may be the least likely to produce the best results.

The more ego-driven students were in fact more likely to fail in cases where they found the exam more difficult than expected, when compared with other students who also found the test “surprisingly challenging”. It seems inflated self-belief and high stress is a disastrous combination.

The hypothesis also supports the idea that people who think they have a natural entitlement, or who believe that other people are responsible for their success or failure, are less motivated to put in more effort when required, Dr Anderson said.

The results were published in the International Journal of Higher Education, and represent the first study to provide evidence that “excessive entitlement” interferes with an individual’s ability to actually achieve success.


  • by Harley 21/05/2013 4:54:51 PM

    Interesting, seems very linked to implicit and explicit self-esteem. When someone has high implicit self-esteem they respond much better to potentially challanging situations. Although it is hard then to recognise these people because often they arn't the ones who celebrate their successes as much.

    High explicit self-esteem when matched with low explicit causes a fragile state within the person. Critism is either ignored or challanged (sometimes agressivly) and can cause someone to collapse under pessure.

  • by Catherine 21/05/2013 7:32:53 PM

    I think most of us in HR knew that! Objective assessments are essential tools in recruitment and assessment!

  • by Andrew 22/05/2013 1:47:28 PM

    I'm sure there's a link to introvert, extrovert or centrovert personalities as well...mind you there's always exceptions ot that rule such as shy extroverts or ego-driven introverts.

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