Dispute skills needs met by new course

by 21 Jul 2009

HR PROFESSIONALS may soon have access to a host of new skills after the University of NSW launched an alternative dispute resolu tion (ADR) masters program for lawyers and non-lawyers.

The launch of the postgraduate program meets the growing popularity of ADR, as well as calls from NSW Attorney-General John Hatzistergos for greater emphasis on ADR training across the professions.

In the first such program to be launched by one of Australia’s largest universities, grad uates of the Master of Dispute Resolution will receive a qualification in dispute resolution theory and practice.

Course co-ordinator Dr Rosemary Howell said the program would help both lawyers and non-lawyers meet increased demands for ADR skills, and could be extremely valuable to HR professionals.

“We often say that a good work relation ship is an ability to deal well with differences,” she says. “HR managers are really grappling with managing the challenges of diversity with in their businesses.”

The course may also meet business needs to curb the unproductive and costly nature of conflict. “Even when there is no litigation, con flict is costly, it’s distractive, it stops people working together effectively,” says Howell.


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