Companies puzzled about what to do with talent

by 31 Mar 2009

Sixty-two per cent of companies in Singapore have programs to identify their top staff, however more needs to be done with them, according to Mark Busine, managing director of DDI Southeast Asia.

Although many companies claim to have talent identification programs in place, he said, the standards of this process may vary among organisations, with some processes less robust than others.

Busine said while Singapore organisations are currently good at pinpointing high-perform ing employees through performance reviews and other similar metrics, many are unable to identify employees with high potential.

“Where [the organisations] tend to find it a little bit more difficult is around identifying things such as potential,” he says. “And often what they would do is default to performance as a measure of potential.”

However, only 52 per cent out of the 62 per cent say they have a program to accelerate the development of high potentials.

“They might be identifying their pool of key talent, but they are not necessarily looking at what they should do once they have them in place,” said Busine.

Another possible cause is a lack of understanding about how organisations can work with the identified talent to ensure a maximum amount of return on the company’s investment.


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