Candidate pens gangster rap to grab recruiter’s attention

by Emily Douglas29 Mar 2018

All hopeful candidates should know the importance of standing out from the crowd. It’s no longer enough to demonstrate skills on paper, jobseekers need to show something truly inspirational to sperate themselves from their competitors.

One candidate who seems to have this under control is graduate Anastasia Glover, who recently caught the attention of recruiters after writing a rap song in application for a role.

Glover stopped Forward Role founder Steve Thompson in his tracks with her rhyme that details her struggles finding work after leaving university.

“We spend a lot of time talking to universities and their graduates about the realities of the job market in the UK and how they can stand out in the crowd because we know it’s not always easy to find a job,” explained Thompson.

“That’s clearly what Anastasia has found since she graduated but as soon as the rap landed in my inbox, I knew we could use this brilliant piece of fun to help her find work.

“This is the perfect way to grab the attentions of an employer. It shows brilliant creativity and a real willingness to think outside the box.

After sharing the rap on LinkedIn, it’s so far received upwards of 100,000 views and likes.

“I found Steve and Forward Role on LinkedIn and really wanted to catch his eye by doing something a bit different,” explained Glover.

“To be honest, since leaving university in July I’ve been sending my CV here, there and everywhere and getting nowhere.”

The full rap can be seen below:

Man's goin job centre, signing on the dole.
Recruitment company aven't got man a role,
Sending bare email and getting no response,
CV probably only been looked at once.
Trial shifts, mans been messed about bare,
it's probably because av got propa skanky hair,
Can't afford to flex on a highlight ting,
Student loan bin an gone, look like a ming.
Man got degree from university,
a 2:1 ting, am serious G,
worked propa ard and achieved a goal,
still getting pied from man like forward role.
Got no job an a got no mandem,
I'd go on a bike ride, someone jacked me tandem.
My CV [ALLOW IT FAM] below its attached,
Be feeling propa blessed when a reply is dispatched.

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