Brisbane’s HR managers most rewarded

by 19 Aug 2009

HR managers working in Brisbane have access to more rewards and bonus payments than those working in Melbourne or Sydney.

However, median base salary still remains highest in Sydney – at $106,000 – compared with Brisbane at $100,000.

“It would appear that whereas Brisbane, perhaps, does not enjoy the highest base remuneration, it does seem to provide HR professionals with slightly greater access to a more varied menu of reward mechanisms,” said David Owens, the managing director of HR Partners, which conducted the survey.

A total 14 per cent of HR managers completing the survey in Brisbane have access to stock options, compared with only 7 per cent in Melbourne. Access to bonus payments is also high among this layer of the HR pyramid with 53 per cent in Sydney, 46 per cent in Melbourne and 56 per cent in Brisbane having access to additional remuneration.

Free car parking and/or car allowances are also relatively universally common – they are available to 16 per cent of employees in Melbourne and Sydney and 20 per cent in Brisbane.


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