Botched DIY costs truckie his leg

by 15 Dec 2009

A botched do-it-yourself repair by the landlord of his rental property has resulted in a truck driver having his leg amputated, according to personal injury law firm Trilby Misso.

A father of three was the victim of shoddy workmanship at the Beaudesert property after timber stairs in the property that had been repaired by the landlord collapsed.

“Jamie [the victim] was on his way out to work early one morning and when he was walking down the stairs they collapsed and he crashed through to the concrete driveway and broke his left leg,” said Luke Short, principal lawyer, Trilby Misso.

The truck driver was treated at the Beaudesert Hospital and then taken to the PA Hospital for orthopaedic management. However the fracture failed to heal properly and four months after the accident surgeons had to amputate the leg below the knee.

A compensation claim was settled by the landlord’s insurer.

“The property owner would have faced a substantial personal damages claim had he not been insured,” said Short. “This is a sad reminder of the importance of ensuring all repair work carried out on rental properties is of the highest standard.

“A young married man has been left disabled for the rest of his life because a landlord took a cheap shortcut and carried out repairs on his rental property,” said Short.

“As the paying tenant, Jamie did not deserve to suffer a life-changing injury due to the landlord trying to save a few dollars.”


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