Boss thanks employee by paying for daughter's wedding

by Emily Douglas26 Apr 2018

Employee recognition is an essential part of the people strategy. In fact, 75% of workers who are recognized once a month by their employers reported being highly satisfied in their roles.

With that in mind, a recent display of reward and recognition from a boss in the Emirates has led to global renown.

Hussein Issa Al Darmaki, owner of Al Shada projects, has rewarded a long-term employee by paying for his daughter’s wedding. The father of the bride reportedly worked for the company for 17 years and was a known as a hardworking and dedicated employee.

Speaking to Al Bayan, Darmaki said: "I felt it was imperative that I make this man's family happy in honour of his kindness, sincerity and ethics.

"His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces, had recently honoured an employee who served more than 40 years in the Diwan…Whenever we can help people in our society, we should do so, especially those who have done well by you."

In 2015, Chiense businessman Li Jinyuan, chairman of Tiens Group, took 6,400 of his staff on a four-day trip to France. The vacation meant booking upwards of 140 Parisian hotels, over 4,760 rooms and travelling on 147 coaches.

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