Being a social butterfly could kickstart your career

by HCA05 Aug 2009

A recent survey has highlighted the importance of up-skilling in order to remain employable and has also revealed networking to be a key priority for many professionals.

The report by Robert Walters, titled Employee Insights Survey, polled 560 Australian professionals on what they believed to be the most important strategy to remain employable in the current economic climate.

Twenty-nine per cent of workers overall voted up-skilling to be the most vital strategy, followed by networking (18%).

Jen Harwood, motivational speaker, author and coach on the subject added that while networking is obviously important for all professions, honing this skill is particularly important in the professional services industries - whether you're looking to improve business, snag a promotion or simply uncover another opportunity within the field.

"In a climate like this, you need to generate new business and create new opportunities and you do that by networking and talking to people," she said.

"People remember people and with networking, people are going to remember you and think of you for that promotion or that job, whereas just going to a training seminar to learn something new or doing your job isn't going to create those opportunities in the same way," said Harwood.

Networking tips from Jen Harwood:

  • Take business cards everywhere you go
  • Ask people for their details
  • Share stories about success that your clients have had. No need to share names or confidential information, but highlight your achievements
  • Go to events where your clients are or invite some clients to come along to an event, because they will bring attention to your achievements


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