Australian managers lack self-awareness

by 01 Sep 2010

The majority of managers lack self awareness, leading to significant cultural disconnect in the workplace, according to new research.

A study by organisational culture firm Human Synergistics has revealed that bosses perceived and actual behaviour is quite different.

Quentin Jones, managing director of Human Synergistics, says the findings come at a time when Australian businesses and leaders can’t afford to ignore factors that negatively impact business performance and industry growth.

“Self-awareness of managers is at an all time low across Australia. To build a high performance culture, business leaders have to obtain an accurate self-perception, focus on and develop their own behaviours – over time,” Jones explains.

Elsewhere in the survey, 95 per cent of Australian companies have a disconnect with their cultural values - while managers think their culture is very constructive, Australia’s actual organisational cultures are encouraging people to behave in aggressive and unsupportive ways.

“The challenge lies in being brutally honest with one-self, taking that first step in becoming aware of your faults, and although it is the hardest reality a leader can face, it will be the driver of change throughout the entire organisation,” Jones said.


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