Australia offers HR expertise to Indian execs

by 12 May 2010

Australian expertise is helping HR professionals from South Asia learn better work practices.

As part of the Australian Trade Commision (Austrade), a group of senior executives from India specialising in HR have been sent to Australia to meet with industry peers for shared learning and training opportunities.

Austrade’s New Delhi-based senior trade commissioner, Peter Linford said there is a significant demand for Australian expertise in HR management, corporate training and other complementary HR related practices in South Asia.

“Potential opportunities exist for Australian HR and training organisations in offering their services to Indian businesses, either through a direct presence or in partnership with Indian HR and training organisations,” he said.

The executives are members of India’s National Human Resource Development Network (NHRD) and represent some of India’s leading businesses.

Linford said the visit was testimony to Australia’s expertise in HR and corporate training and notification of the opportunities for Australian HR and training organisations in South Asia.

“As India moves up the global trade and investment value chain, it calls for employee and managerial skill sets that are geared to handle varied employee roles and functions across different markets and cultures.

“Australia is well placed to provide value-added competitive solutions and expertise both in soft skills and technical knowledge oriented skill sets to assist Indian businesses to succeed in the international markets,” he said.


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