Apple staff allegedly sacked after photo-sharing incident

by John Hilton14 Oct 2016
Employees at a Queensland Apple store have reportedly been sacked for stealing photos from customers’ phones.

Moreover, it is alleged the staff took photos of females without them knowing and gave them a ranking out of 10 based on how attractive they were.

HC contacted Apple for comment.

The employees were four males who worked at a Carindale store in Brisbane, according to News Corp.

It was also reported that an HR executive had been flown to Australia by Apple to help manage the situation.

The photos taken were allegedly shared with other employees throughout Queensland.

"One person would take a photo and add it to the chat and others would give the person or their butt or their boobs a rating out of 10 and they would add their own side commentary," an unnamed Apple employee told News Corp.

Apple said in a statement that an investigation was underway.

"Apple believe in treating everyone equally and with respect and we do not tolerate behaviour that goes against our values," the statement said.

"We are investigating a violation of Apple's business conduct policy at our store in Carindale, where several employees have already been terminated as a result of our findings."

Apple added that based on their investigation so far there was no evidence that customer data or photos were inappropriately transferred or that anyone was photographed by the former employees.

The Australian Privacy Commissioner Timothy Pilgrim has indicated that he will seek more information.

He said that the situation is an important reminder that organisations which collect and manage personal information must “embed a culture of privacy and ensure employees understand their responsibilities”.

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