Airline dismisses pilot’s “social media nonsense”

by Nicola Middlemiss16 Jun 2015
In the age of ever-present social media, public slip-ups can cause significant damage to an employer’s reputation – which means dismissals are becoming increasingly common – but one airline doesn’t seem too concerned.

Ryanair pilot Iain Inglis posted numerous selfies from the cockpit – in one, he can be seen sporting a tin-foil “radiation hat” – and even branded passengers “morons.”

“To all Ryanair passengers. You now have a seat assignment. So why oh why are you still queuing up like morons!!?? Please locate your brains,” he ranted, via Facebook.

The Edinburgh-born aviator also joked about running away from a young, bearded man he had seen “praying quietly to Mecca and kissing the floor at Stanstead.”

But budget airline Ryanair has been quick to dismiss Inglis’ unusual and intolerant behaviour; “We don’t comment on social media nonsense,” it said in a statement.


  • by Jenny 17/06/2015 9:54:30 AM

    It's just another example that convinces me that social media has become an avenue for everyone to express their 'unfiltered' views publicly without any consideration for the impact they may have on others. It takes the saying "it's easier to be rude to people over the phone than in person" to the next level - now you can potentially offend many more people in one move.
    The only surprise to me is how few people consider the possible repercussions to themselves, their careers and reputations from their 'posts' and/or 'tweets'.

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