Abbott confirms Parental Leave scheme will be abandoned

by Chloe Taylor02 Feb 2015
The prime minister announced today that the government will shelve his signature Paid Parental Leave scheme.

Addressing the Press Club, Abbott outlined his reasoning behind the decision.

“Over Christmas, I said that over the break I’d be better targeting the proposed Paid Parental Leave scheme and scaling it back in a Families Package focusing on childcare,” Abbott said in a statement today.

“I support better Paid Parental Leave to maximise young peoples’ – like my daughter’s – choices to have a career and have a family also,” he said. “I accept though that what’s desirable is not always doable – especially when times are tough and budgets are tight.”

He said that the Productivity Commission and Australian parents have told him that the focus has to be on childcare “if we want higher participation and a stronger economy,” adding that because of this, “that bigger Parental Leave scheme is off the table.”



  • by Jimboaus 2/02/2015 3:56:20 PM

    Dropping the PPL is good, as it was not affordable and did not encourage productivity. However, dropping PPL as a knee-jerk reaction because so many people consider it stupid, which it was, indicates that TA is not a good leader or thinker. Before being PM he was called a 'head-kicker' in Parliament. I think that was the limit of his usefulness.

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