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  • Age not considered in employee rewards by

    ONLY TWELVE per cent of employers believe generational differences is a significant issue when it comes to designing and implementing total rewards programs.

  • Sexual harassment worst at executive level by

    THE WORST perpetrators of sexual discrimination are often likely to be at executive or management level.

  • Companies rethink strategy by

    Executives – unhappy with strategic planning processes they feel have become ossified and bureaucratic – are reinventing how they develop strategies, according to a recent report

  • Public sector struggles on staff front by

    THE PUBLIC sector is struggling to provide the same remuneration and career progression as other organisations, making it increasingly difficult to compete for staff

  • Looking past the credit crunch by

    WHILE THE finance sector is feeling the brunt of the economic downturn and other industries such as retail, real estate and manufacturing are increasingly vulnerable, demand for skilled professionals is still strong in industries such as engineering, mining, health care and education

  • Redundancy fears haunt UK and US by

    AS THE impact of the global economic downturn takes hold, companies across the UK and the UK are bracing themselves for more redundancies over the coming 12 months

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