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  • UK: HR faces burnout by

    THE ECONOMIC crisis threatens to overload already stretched HR departments in the UK if they don’t train line managers to ease the burden, an expert has warned

  • Managers miss talent boat by

    COMPANIES NEED to urgently focus on talent retention as a means of retaining competitive advantage and success in an economic downturn, however, most organisations still struggle when it comes to understanding and managing their talented performers

  • Cutting costs the smart way by

    COMPANIES THAT undertake a cost-cutting program without a strategic plan will fail to maintain the reductions over time and risk alienating key talent, a recent discussion paper has warned

  • Working from home under watch by

    ELECTRONIC MONITORING is eliminating one of the biggest obstacles to working at home – employers’ fears that remote workers will slack off, according to recruitment firm Julia Ross

  • HR plans revised in downturn by

    DESPITE SHARE price declines, most companies in Asia are currently planning a modest scaling back of their rewards programs and other workforce investments for 2009

  • Physical inactivity costs billions by

    PHYSICAL INACTIVITY is costing the Australian economy $13.8 billion a year, recent research has found

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