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  • 457 visa delay deters skilled migrants by

    THE FEDERAL Government’s delay in addressing a key issue of the 457 visa scheme is resulting in overseas workers giving up on Australia, worsening the crisis faced in many skills-short industries such as health, resources and IT, according the Recruitment & Consulting Services Association (RCSA)

  • Companies suffer because of female unfriendly cultures by

    DESPITE RECORD education levels and rising numbers of women entering the labour market, employers are failing to provide workplaces that enable women to fully participate and fuel the growth in the Australian economy

  • Tapping into the latest on talent by

    Competition for talent is growing increasingly fierce. Sarah O’ Carroll reports on the latest trends and techniques for snaring talent across a variety of sectors

  • Generation X dissatisfied with work by

    SEVENTY PER CENT of the generation X workforce in Australia are dissatisfied by their work conditions, leaving them feeling like the forgotten generation

  • First IR reforms take effect by

    THE EFFECT of Labor’s Forward with Fairness reform legislation will have been both immediate and significant for some companies, according to an employment law firm

  • Managing climate change at work by

    RECRUITMENT STRATEGIES should be designed to highlight environmental and ethical concerns, according to Anita Mitchell, general manager sustainability for Bovis Lend Lease Asia-Pacific

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