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  • Dismissal intentions a legal minefield by

    A SURVEY has found that employers are increasingly changing their employment intentions in view of an impending recession, but lawyers warn: despite recession fears, staff dismissal should only occur once all other avenues of survival have been pursued.

  • HR blamed for global financial crisis by

    The remuneration practices at large financial institutions played a large part in bringing about the global financial crisis, according to Colin Melbourne, director of change management consultants Astor Levin.

  • Australian employees to be hit by GFC by

    Australian employees will no longer be shielded from the global financial crisis as national salary budgets are predicted to fall further during 2009.

  • Employers unaware of legal obligations by

    Forty-seven per cent of employers are not aware of their obligations to notify Centrelink if they plan to make 15 or more employees redundant.

  • Nature vs nurture hot talent topic by

    Leadership is a waste of time for those who don’t have the potential, according to Peter Zarris IGCP National Convenor and CEO of Opic Consulting.

  • Mental health a huge issue – but not HR’s by

    Dealing with the mental health problems of employees is the responsibility of line managers rather than HR, according to Black Dog Institute executive director Professor Gordon Parker.

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