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  • Fair Work Australia makes first take-home pay order by

    Fair Work Australia, has made its first take-home pay order, ordering a women's fashion retailer to provide a female staff member with nine months of back pay.

  • HR’s top 5 pitfalls of managing people by

    There are five main pitfalls to how companies manage their people, and these HR errors cost Australian businesses millions of dollars and a huge amount of wasted time each year, according to HR and recruitment specialists Vantage Human Capital.

  • Gen Y: Changing the Aussie workplace by

    Generation Y’s use of new technology is changing the way Australian employees work.

  • Employers struggle to manage risks around reward by

    Employers in the UK are fearful that the way they reward employees to help attract, retain and motivate them is no longer appropriate.

  • McGorry links firm environment to depression by

    High levels of depression in the legal profession may be attributable to the legal working environment which, according to Professor Patrick McGorry, is still akin to a 19th century workplace.

  • Fraser-Kirk should have settled by

    The decision of former David Jones publicist Kristy Fraser-Kirk to turn down an offer of settlement from the David Jones executive is astounding, according to workplace law expert Gerard Phillips.

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