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  • HR to act as moral guardian in tough times by

    Employee welfare is back on the HR agenda alongside the economic downturn, and HR has a role to play in ensuring that organisations, individual managers and staff are held to account for upholding behaviours that go beyond a simple transactional relationship, according to an HR expert in the UK

  • Businesses are the bankers in paid maternity leave by

    Businesses will have to act as bankers in administering the Federal Government’s paid parental leave scheme if hidden costs are not ironed out, according to Peter Anderson, CEO, Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI)

  • Silence on payroll tax a big mistake, says business by

    The Government’s silence on the issue of payroll tax in its Federal Budget is a big mistake and will detract from the capacity of the budget to reduce rising unemployment, according to Peter Anderson, CEO of the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI)

  • Unions respond positively to budget by

    Unions have responded positively to the Federal Government’s 2009-10 Budget, with ACTU president Sharan Burrow calling it a “budget for jobs, jobs and jobs, with a bit of tough love on the side”

  • More thought needed on superannuation by

    While the Federal Government announced in last night’s budget that it will raise the qualifying age for the pension from 65 to 67 progressively over six months from 2017, cuts to concessional superannuation contribution rates appear to have been made without a clear long-term retirement income framework, according to Mercer

  • New industrial body for workplace laws by

    The Federal Government will introduce a new independent industrial umpire, Fair Work Australia, which will consolidate seven separate federal agencies and commence in July

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