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  • Companies face facts about Facebook by

    LOVE IT or hate it, the social networking phenomenon Facebook, and other Web 2.0 sites, throw up a plethora of legal issues that businesses can’t afford to ignore

  • Coaching across cultures by

    COACHING THAT facilitates cultural intelligence can assist companies to attract and retain talented leadership and skilled professionals, according to the Institute of Executive Coaching

  • Female professionals unprepared to succeed by

    LESS THAN half of female professionals feel well-equipped to compete in the business economy of the future, however, women in several key emerging markets believe they are better equipped to succeed than their female counterparts in many developed markets

  • Workforce participation crucial for economy by

    THE FEDERAL Government is reviewing The Job Network, providing an extra 450,000 extra vocational education places and using tax breaks to encourage people back into work, in order to head off an expected 8 per cent decline in work participation in coming years, the recruitment industry was told recently

  • Caution on minimum wage increase by

    BUSINESS GROUPS have called on the Australian Fair Pay Commission to exercise significant caution in determining minimum wage outcomes against a backdrop of a volatile global economy combined with accelerating inflation and rising interest rates domestically

  • HR leaders doubt their influence by

    HR LEADERS are deepening their partnerships with business, but continue to feel pressures associated with globalisation, changing corporate landscapes and the war for talent

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