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  • Talent gaps top people challenge by

    MANAGING TALENT is the most critical HR challenge worldwide and will remain at or near the top of executive agendas in every region and industry for the foreseeable future, according to a recent global study

  • UK talent ripe for picking by

    LOCAL RECRUITERS say they are responding to requests from Australian law firms looking to bring locally-trained talent back to Australia, once lured away by the profitable UK job market

  • Engagement key to business performance by

    EXECUTING FLAWLESSLY in either employee engagement or customer engagement is not sufficient to create enhanced value for an organisation, according to Dr John Fleming, chief scientist customer engagement and human sigma, Gallup

  • Companies re-examine international assignments by

    SHORT-TERM ASSIGNMENTS and extended business trips are increasing as companies are taking a more global approach to doing business, a KPMG study has found

  • Productive people perform by

    EMPLOYERS BELIEVE the length of time an employee has worked with the company has little or no effect on job performance, a report has found

  • 457 visa delay deters skilled migrants by

    THE FEDERAL Government’s delay in addressing a key issue of the 457 visa scheme is resulting in overseas workers giving up on Australia, worsening the crisis faced in many skills-short industries such as health, resources and IT, according the Recruitment & Consulting Services Association (RCSA)

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