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  • Bullying: action not intent matters by

    EMPLOYERS MUST ensure employee policies and culture discourages behaviour which could be construed as bullying, according to an employment law firm

  • Unfair dismissal changes find favour by

    ALMOST HALF of HR and workplace relations professionals approve of the proposed changes to Australia’s unfair dismissal regime, according to a recent Deacons survey

  • New leaders not getting coaching by

    ONLY 23 per cent of new leaders – or employees who have advanced from being individual contributors to supervising or managing others – receive the coaching they need to reach their full development potential

  • Caution on two-speed economy by

    EMPLOYEES IN Australia’s resource-rich states continue to enjoy the good fortune of having the nation’s fastest growing salaries and the lowest cost of living – but the differences in growth between these states and the rest of Australia is putting pressure on employers with a national workforce

  • Preparing for volatile markets by

    A BUSINESS-as-usual approach to new financial year planning won’t guarantee smooth sailing in the next financial year, according to Graeme Matthews, national managing partner of KPMG’s middle market advisory practice

  • Pay rise may feed inflation by

    A RECENT move to increase the minimum wage by $22 a week is predicted to increase pressure on both business and inflation.

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