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  • Subtle digs most hurtful in workplace by

    Workplace bullying is usually subtle, taking the form of silence and isolation, verbal insults, and sarcasm, a recent study has shown.

  • Calls for pay audits as gender pay gap widens by

    The gender pay gap has reached its highest level since the mid 1990s, with women earning on average 17 per cent less than men. In WA female earnings are on average 26 per cent lower than male earnings.

  • Post-GFC world sees cleaners earn more than lawyers by

    Magic Circle law firm Lovells is determined to retain its junior lawyers, even if it has to pay them less per hour than the average London cleaning job.

  • Wake up call: Few employers are ready for the r2r and time is running out by HCA

    The Federal Government has overhauled the industrial relations system and introduced 10 National Employment Standards through the Fair Work Act 2009. A recent survey reveals that employers are dangerously behind in preparations for one of these standards - the right to request flexibility

  • Improving workplace relations – new guide assists HR by

    Small-to-medium-sized companies could avoid industrial disputes if they follow a new guide set out by the Fair Work Ombudsman (FWO)

  • Jetstar gets personal by

    Communication and engagement challenges within Jetstar have been tackled with the introduction of an intranet system and “weekly wrap” voicemails to all employees’ mobiles from the CEO or another executive.Employees who were hearing information about the company from the media before hearing it from the company was one of the driving forces behind Jetstar’s increased investment in communication.

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