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  • New laws make social media interaction dangerous for bosses by

    New workplace legislation has made social media communications between employers and employees more dangerous for employers, according to a leading workplace relations lawyer

  • How will the downturn change the future of work? by

    Once-powerful employer brands are at risk of being unable to attract top talent in the next decade, according to a recent PricewaterhouseCoopers report on how the downturn will change the future of work

  • Where HR intersects with ethics and compliance by

    HR and ethics departments of global organisations are engaging in ongoing collaboration to make their companies’ corporate culture and risk management processes have an increased focus on ethics, according to a global report released by business research forum The Conference Board

  • Managers drive employees away by

    Managers have missed the point when it comes to acknowledging and appreciating their employees for their hard work and contribution and this will cause employees to jump ship, recent research has found

  • How to best motivate your employees by

    Managers who understand the motivations of their staff will be better able to nurture and sustain their employees’ self-confidence, especially during challenging climates, and manage their performance beyond the formal performance management process

  • Avoid high-performance culture pitfalls by

    Businesses pursuing a high performance culture should make sure employment processes are well-managed and that employee expectations are communicated at a company-wide level to avoid any perception by employees of personal intimidation or discrimination, according to a leading employment law firm

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