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  • College graduates less confident by

    U.S. COLLEGE graduates are less confident than last year’s that they will be able to find the jobs they want.

  • Advancing Baby Boomer careers by

    BABY BOOMERS are leaving jobs because employers ignore their desire for career advancement and make assumptions about what older workers want, recent research has found

  • Blurring the offshoring line by

    A LOOPHOLE, that allowed foreign workers to be paid as little as $4.20 an hour is “totally unacceptable,” according to the Minister for Immigration and Citizenship, Chris Evans.

  • Globalisation driving recruitment change by

    GLOBALISATION WILL see the war for talent heat up over the next decade, and business will need to become more culturally aware to adapt to more people working across borders, recruiters were told at a recent RCSA conference

  • Culture fit key to hiring by

    INFLEXIBLE TECHNICAL requirements prevent many employers from securing ideal staff, according to Hays Human Resources

  • Go steady on social networking by

    ORGANISATIONS SHOULD not shun web participation for a fear of bad behaviour, but instead they should anticipate it as part of the social experience and formulate a multilevel approach to policies for effective governance, according to a global IT consultancy

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