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  • Barely any rise in inflation for 2012 by HCA

    The start of a New Year often spells salary renegotiations – but if employees are citing the cost of living as a bargaining chip, you may have cause to cut it from the conversation.

  • HMV’s Twitter termination meltdown by Caitlin Nobes

    Learn from the mistakes of others – HMV gives HR an excellent example of what not to do in a case of mass terminations

  • Power really does corrupt by Rose Sneyd

    Managers may be more likely to perceive ‘wrongdoing’ in black and white term, so how can you stay more open-minded?

  • Unethical recruiters tarnishing the industry by Stephanie Zillman

    Are unqualified, rogue recruiters giving the recruitment industry a bad name? According to some in the business, better regulations are long overdue.

  • National HR Summit 2013: Don’t miss the early bird by HCA

    Don’t miss the leading people management event in Australia as it celebrates its eleventh year of success.

  • Employee fraud went up 40% in 2012 by Stephanie Zillman

    It’s both a breach of trust and a criminal act, but it seems more employees than ever before are committing acts of fraud against their employees – what’s going wrong?

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