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  • Don’t let former employees out of sight by

    Employers could be missing out on vital business opportunities by cutting ties with former employees as involuntary turnover continues to rise

  • Putting employees first brings in the money by

    While the service industry has long lived by the mantra that customer service is the only thing that matters, a paradigm shift whereby employees come first and customers second is more important, according to J Kalyanaraman, head of Asia Pacific head of HCL Technologies

  • Downturn leads to increase in false bullying claims by

    The current climate of job uncertainty has contributed to an increase in the number of bullying claims and, in particular false claims, as employees try to protect themselves from redundancies through contrived or exaggerated workplace allegations, according to Harmers Workplace Lawyers

  • Sexual harassment tipped to rise by

    DESPITE INCREASED employee awareness regarding what constitutes sexual harassment in the workplace, lawyers believe a recession could see a considerable spike in the problem – especially in traditional white-collar industries.

  • Cheap approach to redundancies costs employers dearly by

    The current round of downsizing by employers is not achieving desired results, with employee morale, motivation and productivity diving after most retrenchment programs, according to research from Drake International

  • Overflowing talent pool a golden opportunity for employers by

    With candidates easier to find today than at any time since 2001, smart employers should be snapping up top talent whenever they can, according to the Recruitment & Consulting Services Association (RCSA)

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