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  • BYOD considered at the Pentagon by Caitlin Nobes

    One of the most secure organisations in the world could let employees use their own phones and other devices to do their work.

  • Teleworking stifles creativity and promotes isolation by Iain Hopkins

    Silicon Valley heavyweights don’t ‘walk the talk’. Both Yahoo and Google are scaling back their work from home options for employees – but what's behind their decisions?

  • Employees may bypass employer’s bullying procedures by Iain Hopkins

    According workplace law experts, the government’s proposed introduction of new complaint processes for workplace bullying could potentially lead to employees taking their complaints above employers’ heads.

  • Offer financial literacy to improve productivity by Stephanie Zillman

    Financially stressed employees spend 20 hours a month of work time trying to solve their financial problems – high-time to start offering financial literacy training.

  • Your quick guide to IR changes in 2013 by Iain Hopkins

    The 2012/13 year is shaping up to be one full of changes to the industrial relations landscape – are you across the changes?

  • Government set to 'clean up' visa scheme by Iain Hopkins

    The 457 visa scheme for temporary overseas workers will be overhauled to stop so-called rorting of the system – are the changes a nightmare for HR?

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