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  • Managers stressed out and distracted by downturn by

    Managers are more distracted as a result of the downturn, with stress levels increasing in the face of the tougher challenges and choices made around issues such as retrenchments and budget cuts

  • Employers looking to bring retrenchments forward before Fair Work Bill by

    More than a third of Australian employers are considering bringing forward retrenchments to before 1 July when the Fair Work Bill is introduced, recent research has found

  • Employers sidestep consultation in alternative working arrangements by

    With an increasing number of businesses considering the option of implementing varied working arrangements for employees in the current economic downturn, they must consider the importance of seeking consent from staff in order to avoid breach of contract claims, according to Harmers Workplace Lawyers

  • Effective communication vital in tough times by

    Communicating effectively with employees during times of uncertainty is vital, according to Christine Deputy, Starbuck’s vice-president for partner resources, Asia Pacific and Greater China

  • Change the only constant for employers by

    More than half of Australian employers anticipate they will need to restructure or reorganise their operations this year, according to a recent report

  • Gunning for talent - poachers on the prowl by HCA

    Growing numbers of Australian businesses are coming under threat because poor redundancy strategies have led to an increase in the poaching of organisations' remaining pivotal talent. Headhunting of top talent is particularly prevalent in professional services, banking & finance, engineering and mining.

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