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  • Confusion over new modern award clause by

    Employers were left in the dark over modern awards last week when industry bodies clashed over the interpretation of a newly-added ‘absorption clause’.

  • HR must act to protect against workplace pornography by

    HR must do more to protect its organisation against the threat of inappropriate images in the workplace, according to web security provider Mailguard.

  • Jobseekers must be flexible by

    Australian workers need to be flexible when looking for new employment, with new research revealing that nearly half of jobseekers change industries to land a new role.

  • The World Cup and absence management: guidance for employers by

    Employers are not prepared for the upcoming World Cup, with many admitting they have no plans in place to manage potential staff absence as football fever hits the country.

  • The risks of workplace Twittering by

    The ability to publicly express opinions at the touch of a button, thanks to social media tools such as Twitter, has blurred the lines between office and out-of-office hours and where the workplace starts and stops.

  • Male full-time employment strengthens by

    Male full-time employment has recovered from a dip during the global financial crisis to regain prominence over all female jobs, both full-time and part-time.

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