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  • Worker’s stress claim chucked out by District Court by HCA

    Stress would have to top the list of the most bemoaned workplace issues facing HR – but just how liable are employers for managing their workers' stress levels?

  • Your keys to keeping Gen Y on side by Stephanie Zillman

    Never before have the idiosyncrasies of each generation in the workforce been put under the microscope so intently. As the Y’s move into leadership roles, do you know how to keep them onside?

  • Compo payout for worker injured during sex by HCA

    A five-year legal battle has resulted in a compensation payout for a public servant who was injured whilst having sex on a work trip.

  • Employee reinstated after refusing to work overtime by HCA

    The adverse action provision of the Fair Work Act is relatively new on the industrial relations landscape, and a new decision has put significant qualifications around this clause of the legislation.

  • So many sick days, so little work being done by Stephanie Zillman

    Conservative estimates say Aussie workers will take one million sick days this Christmas/New Year season – how do you combat the problem?

  • Hard core porn a valid reason for dismissal by Stephanie Zillman

    Fair Work Australia has previously ruled on numerous cases involving pornography on work computers – but what can you do if an employee is actually distributing the material?

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