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  • “Leaning in”: Can we really have it all? by Janie Smith

    HC talks to Michelle Cooper, national manager – people and performance at Peoplebank Australia about the challenges of balancing a family and a career.

  • Do you have the leadership gene? by Janie Smith

    Science has identified a leadership gene, which raises the question – are some people simply born to be leaders, or can leadership be learned?

  • HR gender bias: What’s in a name? by Caitlin Nobes

    A qualified professional who wasn’t getting any work found one little change fixed things, but this isn’t good news.

  • Australia lures overseas jobseekers by Janie Smith

    The relatively high cost of living and low unemployment rate hasn’t deterred international workers from looking for jobs in Australia, according to new research.

  • HR’s finest minds talk success at summit by Janie Smith

    Want to know the success secrets of organisations like Johnson & Johnson and the Australian Red Cross Blood Service? Learn more at the Melbourne HR Summit.

  • Billionaire calls for three day work week by Caitlin Nobes

    One of the world’s richest businessmen is proposing people work longer hours, but fewer days. Could his model work in Australia?

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