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  • Lighter side: Desk tells you to stand by Cameron Edmond

    Sitting all day isn’t good for you, but how do you remember to spend some time standing each day? Get a desk that tells you when, that’s how.

  • Hottest HR jobs for 2014 by

    Looking to grow your career and salary prospects then these are the jobs to be aiming for this year.

  • Job vacancies down along with market sentiment by HCA

    It’s a case of being stuck in the doldrums for the Australian job market as newly released figures show a drop in vacancies while other research highlights a collapse in sentiment over the country’s job market.

  • Academics call for out of office internet guidelines by HCA

    Companies are being urged to draw up company guidelines on out of office internet use as new research shows top employees continuing to work from home are putting their mental health at risk.

  • Providing vision: A key HR mandate by

    Business leaders can spend months developing a company vision, mission and strategy, but the likelihood is that most employees have no idea what it is or what it means to them. Time for HR to step in.

  • Is a bully lurking among your staff? by

    With the new anti-bullying laws now in effect there is more onus on employers to stamp out the anti-social behaviour, but how can you spot a bully?

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