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  • The money or the mission? by Janie Smith

    It sounds too good to be true, but a study shows that there is a category of workers who choose jobs with strong social missions, are more motivated than their self-interested counterparts and will work for lower wages.

  • Christmas party groper wins unfair dismissal case by Janie Smith

    An employee who was fired for touching five women’s breasts at his work Christmas party has been reinstated after taking his case to the NSW Industrial Relations Commission.

  • Can employees legally record meetings with management? by Janie Smith

    As HR professionals, the last thing we want to worry about is having employees secretly recording performance or disciplinary meetings. HC Online looks at the legalities of secret recordings.

  • HR Awards: does your team have the x-factor? by Human Capital

    Nominations are open for the 2014 Australian HR Awards, with new categories on offer to showcase the industry’s best and brightest.

  • How young is too young to work? by Human Capital

    The laws around when you can legally employ young people vary from state to state. HC looks at what you need to know.

  • Poor leadership holds employees back by Tammy Buckley

    The importance of effective leaders has once again been highlighted with new research showing professionals blame poor leadership for negatively impacting on their performance.

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