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  • Reach out to employees for R U OK? Day by Janie Smith

    Today is R U OK? Day, which aims to raise awareness of suicide prevention. HC looks at what employers can do to start important conversations in the workplace.

  • How to write the resume to rule them all by Human Capital

    Hoping to climb up that next rung on the career ladder? Certified master resume writer Kylie Chown shares her tips for creating a CV to take you to the next level.

  • Oops! Payroll mistakes leave public service red faced by Janie Smith

    A Canberra public service department has had to apologise after payroll errors saw former employees short-changed on their redundancy payments.

  • Do your workers pass the “duck test”? by Human Capital

    If you don’t want to ruffle any feathers, it’s important to make sure that the distinction is made between employees and contractors – or you could end up footing a legal bill.

  • Discrimination claims prompt policy rewrite by Human Capital

    A bottling company which is a subsidiary of Coca-Cola Co has agreed to change its hiring policy and pay US$475,000 to settle claims that it discriminated against female job candidates.

  • Dishing the dirt on office germs by Human Capital

    Encouraging employees to wash their hands at work may seem over the top, but a new study shows that infections can spread throughout the workforce in very little time.

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