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  • Budget 2014: Why the young, the old and the bureaucratic will be lining up for jobs by Janie Smith

    The pile of CVs on your desk may be about to grow, with measures announced in the 2014 Federal Budget to crack down on the young unemployed, encourage businesses to hire older workers and leave thousands of public servants out of jobs.

  • HR best practice tips for leading organisational change by Janie Smith

    Shaun Palmer, former chief human resource officer at Xstrata Coal, shares his tips for being a change agent and leading the way on organisational change.

  • Five ways to get noticed by the CEO by Human Capital

    Looking to impress the C-suite or get noticed by those who matter? Here are some top tips to take you from flying under the radar to soaring above it.

  • Why you should hire an Olympian by Caitlin Nobes

    They may not have much professional experience on their CV, but professional athletes could have a lot to offer an organization.

  • “Excessive sitting” could lead to legal claims by Janie Smith

    Sitting down all day has been revealed as a major health concern and some commentators are predicting future litigation claims. Here’s what HR can do to help keep employees moving.

  • HR execs say farewell to email by Tammy Buckley

    HR executives have indicated that within three years they will be shunning email in favour of a new business communication method. So what is it and why is HR heading towards this tool?

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