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  • Government to pay business to hire mature workers by Janie Smith

    With indications that the pension age will rise, the government will offer employers an incentive payment to get mature-age workers into jobs.

  • Are your job adverts too masculine? by Tammy Buckley

    If you’re using words such as ‘assertive’, ‘independent’ or ‘aggressive’ in job advertisements you could be alienating a key demographic from applying for the role.

  • Young guns or slackers: who’s in your office? by Janie Smith

    There are seven common types of Australian workers, according to a job survey. Many of them love what they do, but how do you deal with the ones who don’t?

  • Size matters: does your company have enough HR people? by Janie Smith

    Having the right number of HR professionals in an organisation is important to make sure everyone can operate effectively without being over-worked, but not all companies get it right.

  • The cardinal sins of bad HR leaders by Caitlin Nobes

    Could you be committing these HR faux pas? HC reviews the five sins of ‘bad HR leadership’ that could be costing you big time in the credibility stakes.

  • HR professionals: get financially savvy to get ahead by Janie Smith

    We all know that HR directors in the C-Suite need to have the ear of the CFO – but just how much financial knowledge do HR practitioners really need to succeed in today’s HR landscape?

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