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  • Mental health: Walking the talk in the workplace by

    It’s seen as a sensitive subject, surrounded by stigma, but employers need to tackle mental health head-on. HC talks to an expert about how to address the issue in the workplace.

  • When social media marketing goes horribly wrong by Janie Smith

    Many companies are putting a lot of resources into their social media marketing, but unless you have the right employees for the job, the results can be disastrous – as one HR department found out.

  • How to stop a complaint becoming legal action by Janie Smith

    Workplace disputes can quickly escalate into litigation or compensation claims if not treated properly. HC looks at how to stay on top of tricky situations.

  • Disruption may be the key to success by Human Capital

    Have you ever felt that you should be in the driving seat rather than just serving the board? Here are some tips on how to assume a more trailblazing role.

  • Turning challenge into opportunity: Top HRDs talk recruitment by Janie Smith

    HC talks to three of Australia’s award-winning HR directors for their thoughts on the recruitment challenges they currently face, and how they plan to overcome these hurdles.

  • Company offers employees $25,000 to quit by Janie Smith

    Want to make sure you have an engaged workforce? One gaming company is offering its workers a great incentive to quit if they’re unhappy, leaving behind those who love the job.

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